Five Tricks That May Prevent Migraines


For many who suffer from migraine, there seems to be no relief in sight, with or without medication. The onset of your headaches might seem random, but there may be many things that can contribute to–or prevent–migraine headaches. Dr. Shilpi Agarwal at EverydayHealth has shared some tips that may help some people stave off migraines.

1. Avoid triggers. Do you notice any particular factor that links your migraines togerher? It might be too subtle for you to catch up on. Certain foods and substances, in particular, have been linked to migraines, including chocolate and alcohol.

2. Try these supplements. Ask your doctor about vitamin supplements that might help combat migraines. Vitamin B2 and Magnesium are two substances that might be able to fight off migraines. However, be sure not to take them unsupervised, especially magnesium, which can interfere with several other medications.

3. Get a massage. A professional massage is best, but if you can’t get a professional masseuse, recruit a friend. It’ll feel good, and the release of tension might prevent migraines, or make them less severe.

4. Try acupuncture. Many clinicians are suspicious of acupuncture, and it’s tough to say exactly what effect it has on migraines, but it’s proven a huge help to many people. If you aren’t afraid of needles and have access to an acupuncturist, it might be worth a shot.

6. Reduce stress. Mental and emotional stress may be one of the biggest precursors of migraines. And just like many symptoms of poor health, there’s plenty that you can do to reduce excess stress. Try to simplify aspects of your daily routine, meditate, and stay physically active. If certain relationships or obligations are causing you lots of stress, consider whether they may be more trouble than they’re worth. Some stress is good, but too much stress can wreak havoc on the body and mind, including migraines.

Migraine is a recurrent condition, and there’s no “cure” that’s guaranteed to work. However, you are not powerless against your migraines. Try these tips and others to see what works for you and your migraine in particular.

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