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Clinical Research

The process that tests new products such as drugs, devices and biologics in humans. The goal is to obtain approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and make the product available to everyone.

What Does Clinical Research Do?

Clinical Research leads to new and better medical care by allowing researchers to evaluate what works through a methodical and scientific approach. Our goal is to help provide new medication treatment options and minimize the suffering associated with debilitating illnesses.

Volunteers Make Research Possible

Many people volunteer to participate in clinical research studies for a number of reasons. Some hope to find a new treatment or cure for a disease they have. Others want access to new drugs and free medical care that studies can provide. Many volunteer to help advance medical care and benefit society as a whole. The choice to participate is a personal one. Call our office for specific questions about our many clinical research studies and to see if one may be appropriate for you.

Not every interested patient qualifies for our clinical research studies. Our study staff will carefully review your current symptoms, medical history and medications to determine if our research study is in your best interest.

Lincoln Research services communities in Rhode Island (RI) and Southern Massachusetts (MA).


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If interested in participating or learning more
about a clinical study with Lincoln Research, please call 401.305.5200.

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