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About Us

Lincoln Research is committed to the provision of excellent clinical practice in the conduct of clinical research trials. The company is committed to long term growth by providing superior value to the industry we service. Individuals who elect to enroll in clinical research trials will be treated with respect and dignity and will be provided with medical-psychiatric attention to meet their needs with the highest standard of care.

Lincoln Research is dedicated to the professional development of each employee to achieve their full potential and individual "best" performance. Our ethical standard will always be based on the principles of good clinical practice and those established by the medical profession.

Lincoln Research will strive to provide balanced attention to both the scientific needs of the pharmaceutical industry and care of subjects enrolled in our research endeavors.

Lincoln Research promotes the advancement of science, the industry of research and the future well-being of our patients. We will develop the best relationship with the pharmaceutical industry by conducting our business with integrity and with attention to ongoing quality improvement.

Medical Director

James Whalen, M.D., CPI is Board-Certified in Adult Psychiatry and is also a Certified Principal Investigator (CPI). Dr. Whalen completed his medical and psychiatric training at the Brown University School of Medicine and his Fellowship training at Harvard University in Forensic Psychiatry. Since 1993, he has continued to provide psychiatric care to patients in Rhode Island and is also licensed to practice medicine in Massachusetts and Connecticut. He has been actively involved in Clinical Research since 1994. In addition to research work, Dr. Whalen directed coursework in Forensic Psychiatry and provided supervision to psychiatry residents at the Brown University School of Medicine. He is a consultant in Forensic Psychiatry to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Providence, Rhode Island. Dr. Whalen is a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, a member of the Rhode Island Psychiatric Society, and an international member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.


Staff Expertise

The staff at Lincoln Research has extensive training and experience in conducting all areas of clinical trial research.  This involves all areas from screening and randomizing appropriate subjects to the timely submission of IRB materials.  The staff at Lincoln Research continually conduct themselves in a manner consistent with their goal of maintaining a high standard of performance and professionalism.


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